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Oct 01, 2008, 05:26AM

Students could swing Virginia—away from Obama

It's no surprise that the college demographic has come out en masse for Senator Barack Obama. But in the deadlocked swing state of Virginia, Jerry Fallwell, Jr.'s, Liberty Univeristy—the fundamental Baptist institution in Lynchburg, Virginia, with over 15,000 students, faculty and staff—might come in big down the stretch.

Falwell kicked off the voter registration drive September 22, urging students -- including those from out-of-state -- to register locally.

"Liberty students have never been permitted to register locally in the past. The recent change in election law is giving Liberty University the chance to make history," Falwell stated in an e-mail addressed to faculty and staff. "Liberty University's 11,000 students and 4,000 faculty and staff could cause Liberty to become known as the university that elected a president!"

  • Absent a major faux pas on Obama's part, VA is going to end up in the Democratic column. The growth of Northern Virginia, and its unusually committed voters, will trump whatever GOP GOTV effort.

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  • Timothy, Dangerous thoughts my friend. The new Mason-Dixon polls out today show Obama with a very slim 2 point lead in VA, well within the margin of error.

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