Mar 20, 2013, 05:23AM

Yung Rapunxel Throwing Down Behind the Skillet

Forecasting rapper Azealia Banks' Top 50 Twitter Beefs of 2013.

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1. Angel Haze

2. Perez Hilton

3. Baauer and Diplo

4. The Stone Roses

5. Lil Wayne

6. The Tooth Fairy

7. Lena Dunham

8. Don Lemon, CNN talking head, after "that mongoloid house nigga" withheld pounds because he didn't recognize her while on line at Whole Foods

9. Culottes generally

10. Lady Sovereign

11. Lord Byron

12. Waffle House

13. The hanging lamp she accidently hit her head on while dancing on the pool table in Karl Lagerfeld's grotto

14. Catherine Middleton

15. Cap'n Crunch

16. Nambia

17. "Arbitrary hashtaggery, that shit is foul"

18. The late Talk magazine

19. Christopher Weingarten

20. The Coca-Cola Company

21. Black Kids

22. Kevin Federline, after the rapper/dancer reached out to Banks, privately, to offer what he described to TMZ as "much-needed career-management advice"

23. A rogue gang of Kabuki mimes who allegedly hassled her outside of a South Austin gas station following her SXSW 2011 performance, captured the incident on video tape, and recently uploaded it to YouTube as "Broke With Expensive Taste FULL ALBUM"

24. Barney the Dinosaur

25. Lil Mama

26. Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo

27. St. Patrick's Day as an institution

28. Truman Capote

29. Karen O

30. Bernie Sanders, Independent U.S. Senator from Vermont

31. The Baltimore Ravens, 2012 Super Bowl Champions

32. Boiled crawfish

33. The USDA, a rap crew helmed by Young Jeezy

34. The actual USDA—the United States Department of Agriculture—after USDA officials contested Banks' attempt to trademark the term "beef" and Banks confusedly initiated a beef with the rap USDA in error, and then reversed herself after realizing her mistake

35. Mario Lopez

36. Ne-Yo

37. Yo! MTV Raps

38. Benoit & Sergio

39. Michael Cera

40. My Bloody Valentine's Kevin Shields

41. Pontius Pilate

42. Prince Namor, Aquaman, Ariel the Little Mermaid, and King Neptune, in a collective "I own Seapunk, tunas" beef

43. Kid Sister, failed party rapper

44. Kid Sister, over-sized children's companion doll

45. M.I.A., because "bitch ain't hook me up with a plus-one" for her book release soiree

46. Members of her own, 50-members-strong beef-management team, who were reportedly compensated in Twitter shout-outs and nachos, when they took to Facebook to complain about inhumane working conditions

47. Iman, "but not like Iman Iman, I mean, more, Iman as Nina in Exit to Eden"

48. The infamous punk-rock episode of Quincy, M.E.

49. Fisher-Price toys

50. The corpse of Casper Weinberger

  • I'd love to see anyone get in a feud, IRL or not, with Don Lemon. the man is a sentinel, not human but robot, bent on some kind of havoc. I swear he malfunctions live on CNN sometimes. as for Azealia Banks, is she sea punk???

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