Feb 27, 2009, 08:19AM

Variations on a theme

A while back we posted a remix of the Jackson 5's "I Want You Back," as burning and soulful a track as can be. We've dug up two more remixes, and present to you, after the jump, all three in their hagiographic glory.

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1. Readymade 524

Let this remix be a testament to hand percussion. The tambourine keeps the entire track hopped on caffiene, driving through the various break downs and steaming headlong into the chopped up backing vocals, railroading the bridge. It's a bit literal, in that  when a DJ rips this track open, the result is part hyperventilation, part painful euphoria.

2. Rogerseventytwo

This Justice-ish version really caters to the French dancefloor with its near-violent syncopation and subtle dynamic shifts in the verse and chorus—the emphasis is on that consistent, driving beat (and are those sleigh bells in the background?). Brings to mind some of Ratatat's more masculine compositions.

3. Z-Trip

We posted this track back in Septemeber and it's still our favorite. The guitar line, unmoored from the bassline, is pure butter, and Z-Trip lets you soak it during the intro. This version is more a victory of layering than remixing: the essential master tracks are all there, and Z-Trip pays homage to them rather than attempting a fuller evolution. The brief synth brass hits are a few of the rare exceptions.


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