Mar 02, 2009, 07:44AM

Radio predictions

Pretty optimistic, but a good look at how radio can grow.

Let's hope:

8. Power will flow to the talent and to the owners of that talent's distribution. No longer will we expect a talent to do three or four hours, five days a week. We’ll see shorter, less frequent content – repeated more often.  And we'll see more flavors of content stretched across more distribution channels.

9. Much of the non-music content on TV will be simulcast on radio, thus extending the distribution for TV content at a comparatively low cost and reframing many stations as distribution channels for TV - without pictures. CNN, FOX, MSNBC, E!....It will all be on a radio station near you.

  • Hey, I agree that a dose of optimism is welcome in today's world. As it is, I only listen to NPR, and mostly for the non-political stuff. As for simulcasts with Fox and MSNBC, I think that's an awful idea.

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