Feb 17, 2009, 08:41AM

Just add flair

Two-piece act Dead Man's Bones brings some Hollywood into the indie rock mix.

The following audio was included in this article:
The following audio was included in this article:

Here's one for all those movie buffs/Screamin' Jay Hawkins fans out there. Dead Man's Bones is a two-piece musical venture from actors Zach Shields and Ryan Gosling (swoon). The idea for the band started years ago when the two actors were living in the same house together—with Gosling dating Rachel McAdams and Shields dating her sister Kayleen. After first deciding to put together a sort of haunted musical production, the young men changed course, opting to form a band with a theatrical flair. As you'll see in the video above, these songs take on a whole new life (and level of creepiness) when sung by a children's choir dressed up in Halloween outfits. Gosling promises that when the band goes on tour there will be a new children's choir at each stop along the way.

"Paper Ships (live)"

On a personal note: I was talking with friends over a year ago about the idea to make a compilation album of old acoustic soul and doo-wop songs about ghosts and ghouls and to then try to pitch it to Stones Throw Records as a legitimate artifact. Well it looks like Ryan Gosling beat me to it.

"For Weddings and Funerals"


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