Apr 28, 2009, 12:28PM

I bet you can't guess who's No. 1

Via Stereogum, Clash Music's 50 Greatest Albums of the last 5 Years.

The UK site's recounting the best albums that have come out during its existence. It might not reap many classics, but it's a valid exercise, especially for people with short attention spans or failing grades in history. That's the cynical take. On the other hand, it could work as a nice refresher course in what took place in recent years, since years do have a habit of blending together. The most interesting part is its electronic streak. The least interesting part is a lot of the albums on it. Just to prep you in advance so you don't hyperventilate: There's no Grizzly Bear. I won't give away the winner, but they say this about it: "Frankly, if you don't own this album (and love, and cherish it), you quite probably don't deserve to have any music in your life whatsoever." Got it? Appropriately dramatic words for the collection holding the no. 1 spot.


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