Jan 18, 2017, 08:00AM

Forty Song Recommendations for Trump’s Inaugural Ball

He might’ve heard of four.

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40) “Are You Experienced?”—Jimi Hendrix

39) “Baby You’re a Rich Man”—The Beatles

38) “The Sound of Settling”—Death Cab For Cutie

37) “Flirtin’ With Disaster”—Molly Hatchett

36) “Fakin’ It”Simon & Garfunkel

35) “Welcome to My Nightmare”—Alice Cooper

34) “Bad Reputation”—Joan Jett

33) “Dirty Laundry”—Don Henley

32) “Clampdown”—The Clash

31) “I Love Myself”—Kendrick Lamar

30) “Under My Thumb”—Rolling Stones

29) “Dangerous Type”—The Cars

28) “Sign O’ the Times”—Prince

27) “I Want You to Want Me”—Cheap Trick

26) “What a Fool Believes”—The Doobie Brothers

25) “Don’t Ask Me No Questions”—Lynyrd Skynyrd

24) “The Emperor’s New Clothes”—Sinead O’Connor

23) “I’m Not the Man You Think”—Bryan Adams

22) “This Too Shall Pass”—Rogue Wave

21) “US Blues”—Grateful Dead

20) “Dry Drunk Emperor”—TV on the Radio

19) “Too Much Monkey Business”—Chuck Berry

18) “Accident Waiting to Happen”—Billy Bragg

17) “Thieves In the Temple”—Prince

16) “Brilliant Disguise”—Bruce Springsteen

15) “The Sanity Assassin”—Bauhaus

14) “Bad Moon Risin’”—Creedence Clearwater Revival

13) “Would I Lie to You?”—The Eurythmics

12) “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived”—Weezer

11) “The Times They Are a Changin’”—Bob Dylan

10) “Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of”—U2

9) “Road to Nowhere”—Talking Heads

8) “It’s the End of the World As We Know It”—R.E.M.

7) “Back in the USSR”—The Beatles

6) “The Immigrant Song”—Led Zeppelin

5) “Burning Down the House”—Talking Heads

4) “Dirty White Boy”—Foreigner

3) “Another Brick in the Wall”—Pink Floyd

2) “The Man Who Sold the World”—David Bowie

1) “Fool on the Hill”—The Beatles


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