Feb 13, 2009, 09:01AM

Cotton Jones Recommends 5 Good Places (in their hometown)

Including the Baltimore Street Grill (not in Baltimore) with some "real Pony Boy charm." Mp3 and more after the jump.

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From Aquarium Drunkard's recurring Off the Record series:

Times News Coupon Factory - I had some good times at this joint. My buddy and I worked here, stuffing coupons into the local papers. We worked the 12 to 4 am shift on weekdays, and a day shift on Saturdays. It amplified my assembly-line skills - you know, everyone has got to do their thing, or else the machine stops functioning. There, I learned that you can record Pink Floyd quality albums, for 5 bucks, in your kitchen, assuming you reeled in the right producer, and his 4 track. I also learned not to fail the group, or I’d pay. I took my Saturday lunch break to see a Jets to Brazil show in DC, and returned the next day to two thumbs down. I lost my job. So, I began delivering their papers, which I was qualified to do. However, I longed for the factory all the while. It’s pretty cool to spy through their window in the middle of the night, and hear the machines chugging. Another place with a sweet smell. More of an experience than a place I couldn’t live without.

Cotton Jones - "Blood Red Sentimental Blues"


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