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Jul 22, 2008, 09:57AM

Marketing Movies For College Dudes 101

Last week an exciting new buzz-worthy film came out in England, a debut movie from a young director that was draped in Sundance plaudits last winter. Its name is Donkey Punch, and yes, it is about the cartoonish made-up sex move. Some partiers end up on a yacht, a donkey punch is perfomed, one young hottie dies, and then everything descends into a slasher flick. Apparently it's now ok to get your movie ideas from Urban Dictionary.

The following video was included in this article:

No word on when U.S. theaters will have to take Donkey Punch on the chin.

Review from comingsoon.net:

"One of the things that the Sundance Film Festival has become known for over the years is its cutting edge indie horror with "The Blair Witch Project" and "Open Water" being buzzworthy graduates of the Sundance Park City at Midnight program. The latest British horror flick from Olly Blackbur is very different than one might expect knowing the premise of a group of partying pretty young things on a yacht who must deal with an unexpected death during a violent sex act. Really, it was only a matter of time before someone took one of the presumably made-up sex acts with funny names that has done the rounds on the internet for years, and used it as the instigator for terror. The "donkey punch" has long been a myth claiming that hitting your sex partner on the back of the neck just before climax enhances the orgasm. In fact, it's a boneheaded move that could actually hurt or kill someone, and that's exactly what happens when three female friends from England vacationing in pain to help one of them get over a bad break-up are coerced onto a yacht by three good-looking fellows they meet at a club. After taking various recreational drugs, five of them retire downstairs for a bit of casual sex when the titular act leaves them with a corpse. The guys want to dump her body overboard to avoid being implicated in the death, which unfortunately, was all captured on video tape.



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