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Mar 20, 2009, 06:45AM

Kaufman Darker

Synecdoche, New York may not have performed as well as some had hoped at the box office or at the various award ceremonies this past winter, but there remains a small but dedicated cadre of fans who are enamored with Charlie Kaufman's latest existentialist opus. We here at Splice are among them. Here's a clip of one of the movie's many moving and deadly serious monologues, performed by a priest who looks scarily similar to Michael Showalter

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Synecdoche, New York is available on DVD and Blu-Ray now. We heartily encourage you to see it by any means necessary.

  • I'm sorry but Shitfuckface, NY was one of those movies that I excitedly went to open night to see and left realizing it was probably one of the worst films I've seen in the last ten years. Half the crowd had either walked out or were laughing by the end. How institutions like the NYTIMES and A.O. Scott can masturbate to it's grandeur just because "they don't understand it" is beyond me.

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