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May 08, 2008, 10:09AM

Jeff Bridges' Shaved Head Not Enough To Redeem Ironman

A reviewer calls out Ironman as a mildly entertaining Hollywood blockbuster that misses out on classic superhero movie status.

"The biggest miscast of the movie is Jeff Bridges, known best to most college students as the Dude from 1998's cult classic "The Big Lebowski." Here he plays Obadiah Stane, Stark's business partner who arranges for our hero's kidnapping. Bridges is armed with a shaved head to look more evil, but despite the wardrobe, it's just hard to see him as a villain.

From here on out, the movie ceases to be topical and becomes far more comical. Product placements abound throughout the movie, and as the Ray's pizza boxes and Verizon cell phone shots pile up; it's easy to see the movie for what it really is - another poorly made Hollywood blockbuster, glossed over with enough explosions and visual effects for no one to care.

Let's face it, Iron Man was never that great of a superhero to begin with - his whole billionaire with a heart of gold shtick? So Batman. Iron Man isn't even interesting enough to make in the top five best X-Men characters, with superpowers that consist of basically flying and shooting energy bursts out of his hands.



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