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Jan 05, 2009, 11:15AM


To try to put yourself in the environment of Frost/Nixon, imagine it's 2010 and George W. Bush has decided to sit for his first post-Presidency interview as a twenty-plus hours exclusive taping with ... Carson Daly.

Oh, Carson. RIP TRL.

And it's entertaining as hell, in a way neatly parallels one of my modern favorites, Shattered Glass, the way you spend that whole film waiting for Chuck Lane to kick Anakin Skywalker's Paduan-lying ass from one end of the New Republic's offices to the other. As many have noted, the film is structured as an intellectual boxing match, and the talking-head interviews along the way (perhaps, too many) make you really appreciate the knockout blow.

The frustrating thing about Frost/Nixon, though, is that the climax to which it builds is, however dramatic, meaningless in the grand scheme of things.  I spoil nothing to say that no matter what he says in the interview, Nixon doesn't go to jail, though he doesn't get rehabilitated, and that things worked out well for David Frost.  So?

  • "Frost/Nixon" is a great movie, and Langella really stands out, even though he looks more like Reagan than Nixon. But Frost, while a celeb entertainer, wasn't a COMPLETE lightweight. He did have the Beatles on his show a couple of times in the late 60s and was no Carson Daly.

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  • Frost/Nixon was terrific, and it deserves the Oscar for best picture, best actor, and best supporting actor. My favorite movie of the year.

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