Jun 12, 2014, 09:15AM

I Heard It on Facebook

All quotes verbatim.

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—“Dont be facebook calling me!! if u dont got ma phone number then me n u ant got nun to talk about ugh weird guys this dayz!!!”

—“U eva heard the saying "crazy girls got da best p***y"?......Explains everything lbs”

—“Kinda looks like the house on the remake of the Texas a Chainsaw Masacre.”

—“Good day Alina. Thank you for accepting my friend request. You look so lovely, perky and fit. You must be a gym goer like myself. Be safe.”


—“We are still good friends and I would appreciate it if you all would mind your own business and not try to start things.  Kthanksbai”

—“Wednesday night in Oslo. Trippppy asss fucccckkk it's stilll sooooo brighhhhhhhttttttttt  I fuckin love dis city”

—“What is the nature of the brownies that I to have said points for?”

—“Workk in a lil bit gotta make dat $$$”

—“I absolutely, thoroughly HATE Guns N Roses. There, I said it. Let the hate begin.”

—“Let me make this clear yes im single cuz i wana be! im not feelin no body i dont wana no body i ant even try to chill with no body just let me be by my own dam ...”

—“Well earned knuckle owies from hitting the heavy bag again”

—“and now to find out WAYNE COYNE has his tongue up MARY FALLIN's daughter's ass makes it official.”

—“jajajjajaajjajjajja shatner jajjjajaajjjajajajjaa awesome”

—“Oh my dear... not at all presumptuous to my mind. It is a gift to be trusted with the offer to read another's writings. As a scribblarian, I know what vulnerability there is in letting others see your soul on paper.”

—“I payed 7300 for sum girls chest plus another 200 worth off meds that she need it... but she has a 38 dd now”

—“if u wana be only my friend then cool so plz stop running game cuz u just gona get ur ass block that shit get annoying”

—“I need to buy a star wars light saviour thingy for Lorenzo that actually lights up the one from Argos don't any1. Know where ? Preferably online x”


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