Jul 30, 2008, 06:32AM

Hey YouTubers! I Got Censored!

Here's what happens to an eccentric gay man when YouTube goes corporate and starts enforcing 1984-like "community guidelines." As he explains in this clip, high profile video blogger Zipster was shut down for posting a controversial video, and in response a supportive community went on a guerilla posting campaign to show YouTube that freedom on the Internet cannot be contained, especially when it comes to cross-dressing man boobs.

The following video was included in this article:

Here's some background information: YouTube user Zipter08 has a recurring cross-dressing character called Loco Mama in his videos. On one video Loco Mama, who has the physical body parts of a man, does a strip tease. That strip tease got taken down by YouTube because it was considered indecent. Of course anyone who's been to the pool this summer knows that it's not actually indecent to show a man's nipples in public.

Should this video be allowed on YouTube?


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