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Ten Foods to Help You Sleep

A look at the 10 best sleep inducing foods.

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A healthy diet is something that can bring you not just a sleek waistline, but an insomnia cure as well. It’s surprising, but is backed by numerous scientific studies. There are millions of people scattered all across the world with different types of sleeping problems. The life of people suffering from such issues is plagued in many different ways and they seek out many conventional and unconventional insomnia cures, which in most cases, fail to offer long term relief.

There are some simple ways that can prove much more helpful than you ever thought of. Let’s have a look at 10 best sleep inducing foods.

1. Fish: Vitamin B6 is found abundantly in most fish, especially salmon, tuna and halibut, which are known to be very helpful in producing melatonin (a sleep inducing hormone that is triggered in darkness), according to facts shared in an article published by the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. Read here.

2. Almonds: Almonds can also help you sleep, because of the magnesium, helping to promote sleep as well as muscle relaxation. Moreover, they maintain the level of blood sugar due to protein supplies, promoting a stable sleep cycle.

3. Tea: You’re well aware of avoiding caffeine late in the evening, but there are some decaf varieties that have the potential to lead you to sleep mode. Chamomile and decaf green teas are good options for this purpose.

4. Tart Cherry Juice: Another study suggests tart cherry to be helpful in inducing sleep due to its melatonin-rich nature.

5. Yogurt: There are studies indicating that calcium deficiency can result in sleep deprivation. This is where yogurt and milk have potential to boost the levels of calcium in the body.

6. Kale: Other than dairy products, certain green leafy vegetables are also known as reliable sources for raising calcium levels in a person. Kale and collards are especially useful, and might also help people sleep well.

7. Whole Grains: The Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine (Click here to read more) reported a study that revealed consuming magnesium in lesser quantities could make sleeping difficult. Whole grains like barley and bulgur can help you boost the levels of magnesium in your body.

8. Fortified Cereals: Vitamin B6 is helpful in natural production of melatonin, which aids a person in sleeping.

9. Bananas: Bananas are not only good sources of potassium, but also contain significant levels of Vitamin B6, which is helpful in producing melatonin. Find here.

10. Chickpeas: Another rich source of vitamin B6 are chickpeas, aiding the natural production of melatonin.

  • The problem I have with articles like these is that they mislead people and give them false hope. Sure, vitamin B6 helps produce melatonin, but it's not like eating a banana knocks you out for the night. And then there's the suggestion to eat fortified cereals, which many people will take as permission to eat Lucky Charms. "Oh, but it helps me sleep," they'll tell themselves.

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