Oct 21, 2009, 12:20PM

Eating the Dinosaur

Read the first chapter from Chuck Klosterman's new book.

For the first twelve years of my adult life, I sustained a professional existence by asking questions to strangers and writing about what they said. Why did you do it?" I would ask these strangers. It did not matter what it was. "What were you thinking while you did that? Did it satisfy you? What does it mean to be satisfied? Do you consider yourself to be famous? How does it feel to be famous? How did this experience change you? What elements didn't change? What will never change? What drives you? Are you lying to me right now? Why should I care about what you are saying? Is this all a construction? Are you constructed? Who constructed you? What was their purpose? Does God exist? Why or why not? Thank you very much. It was great meeting you in the lobby of this unnecessarily expensive hotel."


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