Mar 11, 2009, 06:38AM

Barack Obama: Actually, the seventh black president

A comprehensive list of fictional black presidents.

But, but, they're everywhere:

FOX’s hit series 24 wasn’t quite as color-blind as Deep Impact. Created by Joel Surnow, a white writer and producer who is also a noted Republican donor, the series suggests that white comfort with the idea of a black president crosses party lines. In the first season, the producers cast African-American actor Dennis Haysbert as a Democratic senator running for president. The prospect of a black president was played up quite a bit in the early episodes, but the subject gradually fades into the background over the course of the first season. By the time Palmer becomes president, his race is no longer an issue. In fact, not a single reference to it is made in the entire second season. And they had plenty of opportunities; President Palmer got nearly as much screen time as Jack Bauer.


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