Feb 24, 2010, 06:50AM

M Go Blow up the athletic department

Sports, irony, rah rah boo hoo.

A few of us at Splice are Michigan grads, and have been made to suffer through the worst stretch of Michigan football in their illustrious history. The basketball team has sucked since the nineties and just when it looked like they might get good, they pulled the rug out from under us in heart-crushing fasion. This year the malaise even worked itself down to the usually excellent hockey team. The Detroit Free Press actively hates UM, and because of a hit job they published, the school is actually facing major violations allegations from the NCAA, for get this, letting quality control get out of control! Seriously though, one of the accusations is that Michigan was checking in on football players to make sure they were going to class in the summer. Yes, I will repeat that: they were making sure kids were going to class. To top it all off, this week a former U of M basketball player tried to escape from some police by swimming away from them naked. But hey, at least we got the best blog in college football to chronicle the madness.


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