Oct 20, 2008, 08:14AM

Joe the Plumber, Wayne the Football Owner

A good recap of how several NFL team owners are leaning politically. Florida is now praying for an Obama landslide.

The horserace continues on the gridiron:

In Florida, Miami Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga has announced his plans to pack up his toys and go home if Obama wins the election, saying that he'll sell the team because of Obama's tax policies.  After 15 years of plodding mediocrity under Huizenga (no Super Bowl wins, AFC Championships, or even AFC Championship Game appearances, compared to 2 Super Bowl wins, 5 AFC Championships, and 7 AFC Championship Game appearances in the 27 years prior to Huizenga), Dolphin fans are probably ready to thank Obama for ridding them of their pathetic owner. And baseball fans will remember Huizenga as the guy who dismantled two separate Florida Marlin World Series championship teams to pad his wallet.* Bottom line? If an Obama presidency can get Wayne Huizenga out of the sports biz, that's change Miami sports fans can believe in.

Meanwhile, up in Pittsburgh, Steelers owner Dan Rooney -- possibly the most beloved guy in the city -- is campaigning for Obama in PA and OH with Ted Strickland and Steelworkers' President Leo Gerard.


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