Apr 22, 2008, 12:39PM

Did You Hook Up Last Night?

The most popular way of describing getting it on is also vague enough to be basically meaningless. If you say you hooked up, nobody knows exactly what happened. Maybe, as this writer speculates, that's why it's so popular.

"A disheveled girl wandered back to her dorm room and claimed that her and her date had “hooked-up” the night before, only to meet gossip about what that could mean. Observers questioned, “Hooked-up? What does that mean? Did they or didn’t they!?” As the girl arrived at her final destination she was confronted by her peers, “It’s so vague. Help us out!” to which she slyly claimed, “Maybe that’s the point.” The inconclusiveness of her statement left the room with an interesting thought: The power of the term “hooked-up” comes from the idea that nobody really knows what it means and that uncertainty gives us a cushion of privacy in our sex lives.



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