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Mar 22, 2013, 06:46AM

You've Got To Do Something

A 2005 Safety Valve interview with electronic musician Antye Greie vs. a 2001 Sequential Tart interview with comic-book creator Sam Keith.

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Antye Greie: I guess I start with some sort of sample, or vibe I found, collected, or built.

Sam Keith: The integration of materials, the symbols, the idea.

Greie: We just had the trees, and the old empty places.

Keith: You're alone with yourself, it's a private thing.

Greie: It's not easy; people love melodies.

Keith: You've been around, you've seen people come and go. I'll be dead in 30 years.


Greie: I hope I am disturbing for a lifetime.

Keith: The only way I can do it is to pretend and to go back to what I saw in my wife.

Greie: It was crazy to have tea with her, and she was sitting beside this crazy huge arp synthesizer and telling about her life.

Keith: It's just nice to have that tomato hit me.

Greie: In the end, that created another meaning.

Keith: Well, how old were you when you got together?

Greie: When I was small and unknowable.


Keith: Sorry to get so off track.

Greie: There also was no tits and dicks around in media - no pornography or "sex sells" shit at all.

Keith: Well, I'm really uncomfortable with male characters and male perspectives.

Greie: Boys are so competitive and sometimes not very open. Girls, you can meet them and be friends the next day.

Keith: She kept crawling up into the womb and taking a ride. He kept saying, "No, it's going to be fine, it's going to be fine."

Greie: When he got killed I was wearing black in school for ages.


Keith: Forget it.

Greie: When my country vanished, the Internet came - so I kind of for a while escaped into that space, and updated myself.

Keith: This is turning into a giant therapy session.

Greie: It gets louder and louder, and doesn't distort.

Keith: Look, you keep starting stories, and you're not finishing them. This is out of control. This is crazy. You've got to do something.

Greie: That was the beginning.


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