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Apr 23, 2012, 06:50AM

You Just Sort of Follow the Trip

An A.V. Club interview with filmmaker Jim Jarmusch vs. an Archives of American Art interview with experimental multi-discipline artist Red Grooms.

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Red Grooms: And then suddenly I realized I had to expand it and I was pretty desperate for ideas.

Jim Jarmusch: And he went off on the guy, explaining why, but he was very agitated.

Grooms: And then there were terrific, fantastic, grotesque things done.

Jarmusch: You just sort of follow the trip.

Grooms: This all seems pretty good natured. So, we started.

Jarmusch: You know, I didn’t have much to do with it.

Grooms: The cop kind of holds the whole film together. He comes back down and he is disappearing.

Jarmusch: It’s hard for me to respond to or analyze that.

Grooms: He has disappeared.

Jarmusch: So he’s quite adaptable.

Grooms: Mmm. And then she is pulled in herself.

Jarmusch: Fantastic.

Grooms: No, not too much. I was getting so furious, they were bugging me so much. And since I naturally lean towards these eccentric things, then the city is a sort of gothic dark place.

Jarmusch: They had dialogue in advance. So there weren’t really any problems.

Grooms: But he was actually ablaze.


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