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Aug 19, 2014, 09:55AM

You Just Do It

A 2011 AV Club interview with musician Ryan Adams vs. a 2012 Interview magazine interview with artist Jeff Koons.

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Ryan Adams: Kinda just got a vibe.

Jeff Koons: It’s all Band-Aid dots.

Adams: It sounds so brutal and old-school and great.

Koons: It’s about girls shopping for shoes.

Adams: [Long pause] Huh.


Koons: Popeye takes that spinach, and strength comes—art kind of brings that transcendence into our life, so I like these parallels.

Adams: No, not really. Fuck that.

Koons: You are young and you don't know what art can be—you don't know when you are older either—but the first part is the self-acceptance, this inward journey.

Adams: [Laughs]


Koons: I want higher states of experience, of excitement.

Adams: Some nights are pretty rough.

Koons: [Shifts attention to computer screen]


Adams: The trend is to find something wrong with everything.

Koons: You don’t have to know anything.

Adams: What do you mean?

Koons: Everything is a system to control every gesture as if I did it.

Adams: Maybe I’ve not been putting enough emphasis on that. How do I say this?

Koons: You just do it.


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