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Nov 11, 2008, 06:41AM

Yoko Ono, one on one

Artist, musician, muse and all-round cultural icon, Yoko Ono has been making waves ever since she was involved with the Fluxus movement in the 1960s—not to mention her marriage to one John Lennon.

An enlightening interview with a cultural icon:

TAN: The theme of your Frieze talk is the significance of the performative in art—why is it so important now to promote work that is time- and event-based?

YO: Because it is a beautiful way of connecting people to people and sharing experiences. And this is the time when we have to keep on exchanging ideas and just exchanging warmth.

TAN: When you’re speaking at Frieze, do you see the talk as a lecture, a performance, or an artwork?

YO: I see it as an experience for communication in the sense that both parties will benefit from it—me and the audience.

TAN: You like to revisit past performances. Have audiences changed over the years?

YO: It’s always the same in terms of our being human. Maybe people were a bit more reserved in the past, although they can still be reserved now.


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