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Mar 04, 2014, 09:13AM

What're We Buying Here

A Coagula interview with artists Richard Serra vs. a Complex interview with rapper/producer Kid Cudi.

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Richard Serra: One of the things if you're in an urban context or in an interior space, if you bounce a ball on the floor, it comes back to your hand.

Kid Cudi: That happened when I gave up booze.

Serra: Like a grid. Part by part.

Cudi: Oh no no no. The GQ moustache.

Serra: A little catalyst for change.

Cudi: What're we buying here?

Serra: The frame of sheetrock.

Cudi: That's my weakness.

Serra: Your own psychology in relation to the anticipation, memory or whatever is fairly personalized here.

Cudi: So fuck it. I can't survive unless you understand me.

Serra: Once you do that, the parking lot is then transformed into a plaza.

Cudi: People have been talking about this for a while but it’s a gamble. Not everyone can do it.

Serra: The columns kind of give you a counterpoint to the curvilinear movement. They kind of give you a kind of continuous beat.

Cudi: Yeah. Because it all starts from the beat. Wow, this is more refreshing. Know what I mean?

Serra: No. I'll give you an example.


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