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Apr 13, 2023, 06:28AM

What Did You Hear?

A Cheri Magazine interview with actor/drag queen Divine vs. a The Ringer interview with entertainer Sisqo.

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Divine: People in the Midwest are very cool, blasé towards me.

Sisqo: They’ve figured out every way to screw you.

Divine: It depends. But it's great that everything is more out in the open.


Sisqo: People was doing blue hair, but I was thinking from The Jetsons, silver hair. So I was like, the evolution of the bleach blond would be the silver, which I would never do again.

Divine: No. Never, except for public appearances.


Sisqo: And next thing you know, we’re shooting the video, and everything I asked not to be in it is in it, but we’re on the set.

Divine: What did you hear?

Sisqo: I can’t make that up.

Divine: Maybe I’m identifying.

Sisqo: No, I slid and then popped back up, I think.


Divine: Baltimore, Maryland.

Sisqo: Dude. It’s so messy.

Divine: No one is forcing anybody to go, or to stay, for that matter.

Sisqo: So bam, there you go. And now, everybody knows the story—it’s literally the opposite now.

Divine: That's what they mean by normal, isn’t it?


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