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Apr 18, 2023, 06:28AM

I’m Not Being Cynical

A 1977 Peter Fuller interview with painter David Hockney vs. a 2023 Aquarium Drunkard interview with artist/musician Lonnie Holley.

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David Hockney: Suddenly, things began to get more and more specific.

Lonnie Holley: You could almost say, you’re giving me a bare wall.

Hockney: I’m not being cynical. You have to look somewhere.

Holley: And that means, watch me use this tool. Use the sandpaper and do your thing.

Hockney: True. Some things just have to be done.


Holley: They sat around and they laughed and talked and had their little tea parties and whatever. We were out in California.

Hockney: People get passionate about that, especially about distortions of the human figure.

Holley: Yes. Stayed unconscious for three and a half months.

Hockney: Without a position, all is lost really. Time sorts out a lot.

Holley: Yes, we did.


Hockney: Four years ago, I got this video, and I quickly got bored with it.

Holley: It comes straight out of the well of thought, the ocean of thought, for me.

Hockney: I think that’s right because underneath, I suppose, there is consistency in the search, the attempt to find it.

Holley: Something like that. So, I’m picking out all these different colors. The last thing is always words.

Hockney: I was going to put a camera here, behind the screen as a slight escape. 


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