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Aug 05, 2009, 10:27AM

We all think too much

Managing a quarter-life crisis.

At Book Club last night, it was determined that we all think too much."I think myself into a box," I admitted. "And then I can't get out of it.""I think way too much. It's dangerous," Jaunt added."I decided not to do that anymore. I was overanalyzing things too much, so I just don't think about things," M said. It was brilliant. Genuis."You're all going to laugh at me, but I totally ordered this New Agey book about 'the power of now' and how you're supposed to concentrate on being present," I confessed."Is is a book about not thinking about things? Because I have that book," Jaunt said."Oooohh, can I borrow it?!" I asked.

  • Wow, you have a lot of energy. You should go to your local video store (Don't use Net Flicks, find a video rental place for this one) and rent Point Break. Yes, the best movie made with the worst actors. Patrick Swayze meets Keanu Reeves in a test of wits...OK, not wits but a lesson in hesitation. Swayze tells Reeves "The worst thing is life is hesitation". It's all about living in the now. That and watching Anthony Kedis try and whomp on Keanu Reves. Reves escapes. Only in Hollywood. Sure, you could read a book about living in the now but why bother when you can watch the movie? Far less thinking.

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