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May 23, 2008, 01:52PM

This Week's Post-Apocalyptic Countdown

Our weekly round-up of how human society's impending collapse will go down.

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7. Oil Running Out Earlier Than Previously Thought

We all knew that oil couldn't last forever, but apparently industry leaders kind of missed the mark by almost 20 years. Instead of finding new supplies until 2030, an international agency now expects that we'll hit our peak in 2012. After that is a long and expensive road of increasing demand and decreasing supply.

6. Pacific Ocean Turning More Acidic, Threatens Species

The more CO2 we keep pumping into the air, the more acidic the ocean gets. Acidic as in the corrosive, blinding, stuff of mad scientists and evil villains. Researchers determined this week that levels in the Pacific Ocean are rising to a dangerous point, and there's very little we can do to stop it.

5. Farmers Going Back To Animal Power

Perhaps in anticipation of the coming oil crunch, a farm in Tennessee has ditched the tractor and begun tending the crops with mules. It might take a little longer, but it's a lot cheaper.

4. Guy With Bomb Materials Walks Into Swedish Nuclear Plant

They managed to catch him and it's not exactly clear who's responsible for the traces of bomb making chemicals, so in this  case it's not a huge deal. But if Sweden's not safe from this kind of threat than what chance does America have?

3. Cancer Sniffing Dog To Be Cloned In South Korea

So they're genetically engineering a race of super dogs who can do things human can't do for themelves...we guess it's now a race between super dogs and super dolphins to see who overthrows us first.

2. Car Company Executive Says Electric Cars Are Needed To Stop The World From Explording

We don't want that to happen. “We must have zero-emission vehicles,” he says. “Nothing else will prevent the world from exploding.”

1. Britain Decides To OK Research Into Human-Animal Hybrids

While this is great news for all the furries out there, it makes us wonder what the human race will look like in 100 years. Maybe this is actually a good thing, because man-beasts might have a chance of putting down the revolution of the super dolphins.

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  • "Super-dolpins"? Somebody at Splice headquarters was having a ball on a holiday weekend.

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  • well obviously dolphins won't be a problem if the ocean turns into acid. See these things have a way of working themselves out. I think that is awesome they are researching human animal hybrids. Maybe they can finally make a pegasus and I can escape my grandma's house.

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  • Sure and soon cars will be replaced by horses to save fuel. I wonder how PETA will feel about that. Do you really believe all this doom & gloom? I don't.

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