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Jan 06, 2014, 07:17AM

The Rewards Come

A 1994 Rolling Stone interview with late Apple CEO Steve Jobs vs. a 1993 Orion interview with poet Wendell Berry.

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Wendell Berry: The first characteristic of a plan is that it won't work.

Steve Jobs: I don't feel that way. The question is, what's next?

Berry: Everything has to be included and considered.

Jobs: Oh, sure. Because otherwise, you go crazy.

Berry: You must submit to the agony of being made perfect yourself, and that's terrifying and extremely difficult.

Jobs: We're not best friends, but we talk maybe once a month.

Berry: But that kind of effort obviously isn't enough.

Jobs: I don't know. I wonder what game show I'm going to be on.

Berry: Obviously you can't know without doing or do without knowing.

Jobs: I go get your clothes laundered, I jump back in the cab, I get back here.

Berry: It's left out of the accounting. Shorten the supply lines.

Jobs: Now it takes five minutes. You have no idea how I did that.

Berry: The rewards come.

Jobs: No question about it. The world's clearly a better place.

Berry: Where are we going to find jobs? Because you can't recover what's lost.

Jobs: But I don't think it matters. I don't want to talk about this kind of stuff.

Berry: Well, we'll just kill all of the coyotes.

Jobs: Too many people know how to do it.

Berry: And that won't work. People have tried to simplify themselves by severing the connections. Severing connections makes complication.

Jobs: Well, life is always a little more complicated than it appears to be.


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