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Feb 26, 2015, 09:57AM

That's Just Life

A 2012 Complex interview with rapper Tyga vs a 2006 The Fanzine interview with artist Charles Ray.

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Tyga: The cop pulled me over, and you know how that shit goes.

Charles Ray: I think it just was part of the adventure. You know?

Tyga: Yeah. If that’s what people live for, that’s cool.

Ray: No, no, no. Not when I was seven.


Tyga: Everybody has fans. Everybody went to elementary school.

Ray: That’s true, yeah. You kind of learn the way there.

Tyga: Hopefully.


Ray: You’re all doing something but you don’t have to put up with each other’s company. You have to pay attention.

Tyga: As soon as they find out who you are, they want to treat you a certain way, but when they don’t, they just think you’re up to no good and they’re like, “I’m going to fuck with this person.”

Ray: Then they moved cottages. You could barely see it. Let me grab that book.

Tyga: Pre-orders go up this week.


Ray: The lake. The waves. (Laughs) You can’t stop it.

Tyga: Definitely. That’s just life.

Ray: A lot of it is just boring, quiet and stuff.

Tyga: Yeah, I just be chilling, man.

Ray: Healthy.


Tyga: It was mainly a lot of drunks. Eventually, I got drunk and ended up going onstage and having fun with the crowd.

Ray: Yes, but I think that there was already kind of a lifestyle envy or something. We can go on for days. Which probably people should anyway no matter what they do.

Tyga: Yeah, it’s dope. Look at Tupac.


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