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Mar 19, 2024, 06:28AM

Shout Out to L.A., Dude

A 2023 East of Borneo interview with fine art curator Maurice Tuchman vs. a 2024 Interview Magazine interview with musician Ekkstacy.

Maurice tuchman still the enfant terrible 1989 600x397.jpeg?ixlib=rails 2.1

Maurice Tuchman: You know, a narrative of action and counteraction, one set of formalist ideas replacing another.

Khyree “Ekkstacy” Zienty: I wear the same thing every day. But usually I listen to a lot of punk and metal to get me excited.

Tuchman: Perhaps it was in the nature of the times then to be prejudiced against spirituality as something irrational that couldn’t be taken seriously.

Zienty: Yeah. I know, I’m doomed.

Tuchman: Are you kidding?


Zienty: That’s a great question.

Tuchman: It was so difficult to do the first one that I figured the second one couldn’t be that hard.

Zienty: I don’t know, there’s too many. We had to upgrade the venues three times for each one.

Tuchman: Which made me feel a bit guilty.

Zienty: I was so bummed.


Tuchman: I remember one day in 1968 when Ed Janss, a fabulously rich but thoughtful guy, and an important collector at that time, came up to me and said he wanted to show me a mountain top that I should live on.

Zienty: I like that. Shout out to L.A., dude.

Tuchman: But it took a long time, with attention growing in Europe first.

Zienty: Everything’s sold out in Germany.

Tuchman: It was as if a window shade came up and light came in.


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