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Apr 02, 2024, 06:27AM

I Still Have My Radio

A 2019 American Theatre interview with playwright Adrienne Kennedy vs. a 2006 Red Bull Music Academy interview with music producer Justin “Just Blaze” Smith.

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Justin “Just Blaze” Smith: We turned the drums up a lot, like a good three or four decibels, but it felt good and I was like, “Why haven’t we been doing this?” if that’s where the excitement is supposed to build up, or that’s where it’s supposed to break down.

Adrienne Kennedy: Because it is, on paper, things that I can’t stop thinking about. And I still have my radio.

Smith: You can’t help it.

Kennedy: That’s a real place.

Smith: That was the point. [To someone off camera] What’s that? Oh, no.


Kennedy: Yes, yes. Yes, and you walked up a back stairwell.

Smith: Yeah. So you weren’t going to bring it around the crib.

Kennedy: Most definitely. Because when you’re really young—you’re like 11, 12—you’re really like an empty palette.

Smith: But, what was your question?

Kennedy: We went to see the movies for five cents, and of course, it was a double feature.


Smith: We never really had that conversation.

Kennedy: I wasn’t expecting to write a play. It’s so wild, it’s totally wild.

Smith: But it might not be. I mean, to be honest, I’m not going to say it’s never been done.

Kennedy: Oh, wonderful. Oh, I do. I do.

Smith: In that case, you’re now taking eight seconds versus five minutes, eight or nine seconds.


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