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Jan 02, 2013, 05:40AM

Oh, Please Calm Down

A 2012 Piers Morgan Tonight interview with conservative pundit Ann Coulter vs. a 2001 Missouri Review interview with fiction writer George Saunders.

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Ann Coulter: Look, it's one thing if a woman decides to bring a child to term after she's been raped.

George Saunders: So we try to constantly deconstruct the process itself.

Coulter: No. We are not discussing dating.

Saunders: It's an exercise in being open to whatever is there.

Coulter: The head is punctured and the brain sucked out.

Saunders: What was important about that ending for me was the fact that he jumped.

Coulter: Well, it's supposed to be a little Crackerjack surprise that you have to read the book for.

Saunders: It's a cloaking device.

Coulter: I like the drone attacks.

Saunders: If you see something plainly, without attachment to your own preconceptions of it and without any aversion to what you see, that's compassion because you're minimizing the distinction between subject and object.

Coulter: Anything I say, I actually believe. You did it because you knew it would be incendiary.

Saunders: No, no, of course not, never in a billion years.

Coulter: You are definitely not normal.

Saunders: The working experience was invaluable because it gave me a low-level rage, or at least a sense that there was injustice in the world and that this injustice was playing out every day on the bodies and minds of the people toward the bottom of the heap.

Coulter: Oh, calm down. Calm down.


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