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May 06, 2013, 06:51AM

No One Can Protect You From Embarrassment

A 2010 Esquire interview with actor James Spader vs. a 2012 MSN Entertainment interview with actor Walton Goggins.

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Marcus Wong

Walton Goggins: I'm a klepto near the end of the filming.

James Spader: You just want to see what happens.

Goggins: Right, right. I just kind of file them away.

Spader: And the sadness of that struck me. Is that unique?

Goggins: And is that real? I don't know.

Spader: You can always grab a towel, put it around your neck, and you've got a cape.

Goggins: It's an extraordinary coincidence of events, man.

Spader: It's a combination of peace and exhilaration.

Goggins: So then it became kind of a hybrid of both of them.

Spader: They said, "Any time you want to come back, we'll welcome you."

Goggins: I think about music and how it would make me feel when it's put to an image, a moving image, and I love it.

Spader: That's just mush. A particularly compelling girl.

Goggins: If I had one obsession, if I could get put in jail for like stalking someone it would be her.

Spader: And then readjust and try again.

Goggins: But even barring those things, I felt like this is something I can really sink my teeth into.

Spader: No-one can protect you from embarrassment.

Goggins: You can't be safe in the situation.

Spader: When one ends, it gets pretty quiet.


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