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Jun 20, 2024, 06:27AM

It Was All a Big Tease

A 2020 The Believer interview with filmmaker Julie Dash vs. a 2012 Into The Gloss interview with model/entrepreneur Iman.

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Julie Dash: You never know what you’re going to find.

Iman: It’s changing every day. You just put it where you actually think you need it.

Dash: I go back and read it again and start visualizing things, and then I start creating look-books or decks, inspiration boards, which also may include a color palette.

Iman: I go darker for fall, when we are wearing leathers and stuff like that—it looks a bit edger when it’s darker.

Dash: It was like some secret-society thing.


Iman: It’s magic, absolutely magic. It is scary, I think. [Laughs] Who knows?

Dash: Yeah. I was so pleased that I was actually stunned, sitting in my seat.

Iman: That helped in the negotiations.

Dash: Some things don’t have to be explained, because we already know them.

Iman: You take your bra and underwear off, put the lab coat on, and you’re ushered into the showroom.


Dash: Everything was hidden. And it was a real complete experience, as opposed to going into the theater, watching a commercial film, sitting there, and by the time you’re in the parking lot looking for your car, you can’t remember what the film was about.

Iman: It wasn’t even a high shoe—it was a wedge.

Dash: Yeah, associative collage.

Iman: Totally mythology. For god’s sake, I forged my passport to get here!

Dash: It was all a big tease.


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