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Jun 28, 2024, 06:27AM

Everything After is Pretty Lousy

A 1997 Perfect Sound Forever interview with guitarist/producer Robert Quine vs. a 2018 WOW interview with artist Camille Rose Garcia.

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Robert Quine: The whole purpose of this is to amuse myself.

Camille Rose Garcia: You simply cannot monetize everything.

Quine: One day, something'll happen and I'll go into a trance.

Garcia: You will be ignored. You will probably fail.

Quine: The Tremolux had a vibrato built in. It was raw. Everything else after is pretty lousy.


Garcia: But too much intellectualism about art while you are making it can make you self-conscious and unable to create at all.

Quine: You're just waiting at the hotel, the airport, customs. What came of it? Nothing.

Garcia: I can recall perfectly the exact texture and smells of my friends’ living room in which this song first came into my life.

Quine: For me, it was hypnotic. I spent thousands of hours on headphones wearing that out.

Garcia: Yes, thank you, it’s my pleasure!


Quine: But there was more and more of a strain between us.

Garcia: It was difficult to take a concept about musical vibrations and planets and put it into paintings, the tendency is to be quite literal.

Quine: That happened plenty of times. The jazz purists couldn't handle it—it was just walls of noise and textures.

Garcia: We view it as a terrible step backwards and inciting all of the worst qualities in humanity.

Quine: There's nothing more boring.


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