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May 23, 2024, 06:27AM

I’m Clocking In, I’m Clocking Out

A 2024 Complex interview with muralist Gustavo Zermeño Jr. vs. a 2000 Reason interview with psychiatrist Thomas Szasz.

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Thomas Szasz: How many earrings can you have in your nose, on your ears, in your belly button?

Gustavo Zermeño Jr.: [laughs] I grew up with surfer homies, gang homies, graf homies, artists, musicians, you name it, man.

Szasz: Now you get a lot of money for it.

Zermeño Jr.: I'm clocking in, I'm clocking out.

Szasz: This is allowed on television.


Zermeño Jr.: Everything kind of came at me as it did. It's such a large scale and people might think it's difficult to go to a large scale, but to be honest, it's a little bit easier.

Szasz: Yes, but not as a requirement. It’s entirely contractual.

Zermeño Jr.: So cool. Yeah. A flannel, a crispy tee, jeans, khakis.

Szasz: There has been a long series of claims like these.

Zermeño Jr.: Thank you, man.


Szasz: Just like with illegal parking.

Zermeño Jr.: To be honest, it was very difficult.

Szasz: The hospital didn't go after you.

Zermeño Jr.: They demolished it pretty quickly after that,

Szasz: Neither Laing nor Foucault made this clear.


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