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May 16, 2024, 06:28AM

Some People I Barely Knew

A 2005 Mark Prindle interview with engineer/musician/essayist Steve Albini vs. a 2023 The Big Takeover interview with musician Vadim Taver.

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Steve Albini: Nobody cares if you lie. Nobody cares if you're telling the truth or not. The rationale for the lie and the function of the lie—that's what matters.

Vadim Taver: It’s a week or two of setting up and then breaking down.

Albini: Sure. It's a rare, rare human being that would not enjoy that to the hilt.

Taver: Most of the time I would end up going into the other room and playing Super Nintendo.

Albini: I think that's a more realistic comparison.


Taver: That’s exactly how I wanted it to be.

Albini: It's like being there on Christmas morning watching kids open their presents.

Taver: Sometimes they’re kind of buried in the mix because you can only hear so much when you have so many things going on.

Albini: So I didn't have to pay any attention to it. It was quite a liberating moment. I wouldn't have anything to talk about, you know?

Taver: Mostly. Some people I barely knew.


Albini: Well yeah, but you have to understand that they've lived a life of complete insular indulgence by the nature of their success.

Taver: I’m not sure. I did a U.S. tour with them too.

Albini: And we realized that, and she slapped me.

Taver: From there, we’ll see what happens.

Albini: Yeah. Long and typical story.


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