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Sep 30, 2015, 10:02AM

I’ll Make Myself a Target

A 2015 Interview magazine interview with actor Jesse Plemons vs. a 2013 The Awl interview with musician Peaches.

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Jesse Plemons: Bill Murray's been Bill Murray forever.

Peaches: Yeah, absolutely. It’s a cool place to live. And it’s controversial.

Plemons: (laughs) I’ll make myself a target.

Peaches:  (looks askance, affects German accent) Nobody talks to you.

Plemons: You saved my life a number of times too.


Peaches: How they sleep at night when they don’t say those things, you know? It’s total bullshit.

Plemons: That's what everyone always says, but that's why.

Peaches: Yeah, why not?

Plemons: Oh, you know.

Peaches: (laughs) Well, I don’t know why or what.


Plemons: I suppose that changes, but right now, I'm really into the idea of it being okay to not have all the answers, and somehow enjoying that and relishing in the unknown.

Peaches: Don’t we see that in every form of human life, in relationships, in bullying in school, in governments?

Plemons: Yeah. It became a mode of exploring different things in myself and enjoying the idea of putting together this little puzzle and trying to write something that connects people to what you're saying.

Peaches: It’s allowed me to do whatever the fuck I want, which is great. It’s more flattering.

Plemons: Hold on.


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