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Mar 14, 2022, 06:27AM

I’ll Endorse Other Surfers

A 2015 Purple Magazine interview with actress/model Chloe Sevigny vs. a 2022 Surfing World interview with surfer/musician Alex Knost.

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Chloe Sevigny: Well, growing up, kids always wore these hats that said, like, “Syracuse lacrosse” or, like, you know, the white ones with the lines. Well, now that’s all I’m offered.

Alex Knost: That’s like hearing your own voice on a message machine and it doesn’t sound like you.

Sevigny: Yeah, kind of … arty horror. Like a Jim Jarmusch.

Knost: He was very brash about it. [Laughing] I’ll endorse other surfers.

Sevigny: Their mineral and gem collection is incredible.


Knost: There’s nothing you can do about it.

Sevigny: That for me is a little nauseating.

Knost: It’s this weird intersection, then you realize there’s the natural co-existence and you can’t really resent natural occurrences.

Sevigny: It feels really European, and I like that getting off the train, and there’s not as many people in the street, and it’s quiet and there’s a lot of sky.

Knost: You’re made of water, so it’s a no brainer.


Sevigny: At least I wasn’t getting arrested for writing graffiti.

Knost: Or do I become the antithesis of that formula?

Sevigny: Especially the dirty greasy hair and the face.

Knost: It's such a cool, unique, ferocious approach.

Sevigny: It’s 8-by-10, $32.


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