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Dec 11, 2014, 09:40AM

I Don’t Want to Answer Any Questions

A 2013 Wired UK interview with author/television show runner Charlie Brooker vs. a 2014 Interview magazine interview with musician/entertainer Madonna.

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Charlie Brooker: Obviously the way my brain works, I'm quite paranoid and I worry a lot.

Madonna: That’s your scene. But it's okay, because I'm sad most of the time, so we're good.

Brooker: It’s certainly something I can relate to. A lot of people do, but equally a lot of people don't.

Madonna: I don't really think about it, to tell you the truth.

Brooker: It’s creepy.


Madonna: This life will be long, and the world will unfold to you, and you will be able to realize your dreams, and you will find people to be teachers and guides along the way, and you will find mother figures in other areas of your life, so don't despair.

Brooker: They'd all be standing around at the end with their iPhones out while the pyre goes up.

Madonna: Yeah. In certain areas.


Brooker: I think I'm neither clever nor stupid enough to be politically tribal.

Madonna: You’re not plugged into the matrix.

Brooker: I don’t know.


Madonna: Something to write with: blank paper and a fountain pen with ink.

Brooker: A lot of your social contact comes through social media, seeing tweets and what-have-you.

Madonna: Well, no, it's about how people take drugs to connect to God or to a higher level of consciousness. You have to create the illusion.

Brooker: To what extent are you living your life and to what extent are you performing your life to other people?

Madonna: I don’t want to answer any questions. I'm not that sort of person.


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