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May 27, 2015, 09:47AM

I’d Like to Know That You’re There

A 2012 Tiny Mix Tapes interview with musician Claire “Grimes” Boucher vs. a 2012 Complex interview with director Joe Carnahan.

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Joe Carnahan: How have you lived your life? How do you want to die?

Claire Boucher: I don’t know, I just like to think about dying, whether or not I’m going to die. 

Carnahan: I’d like to know that you’re there.

Boucher: Except, obviously, I’m not religious.

Carnahan: Sure, sure.


Boucher:  I’ll be honest, I had taken all my clonazepam when I crossed the border a few days ago because I didn’t have a prescription.

Carnahan: There’s always this threat lurking, so therefore there’s always a level of tension and suspense on the corners of the frame.

Boucher: Definitely, like, super psychedelic and great. 


Carnahan: I don’t care how long you’ve been performing, or if you know that it’s being puppeted, it’s still a big head with huge, sharp teeth snapping at you, so you’re going to have a visceral reaction to that.

Boucher: It’s hard, I don’t read any of my press. 


Carnahan: I was just concerned that I was being perceived in a way that I was uncomfortable with.

Boucher: I don’t try to think about it, really. 

Carnahan: All you could do was react.


Boucher: Human beings are predisposed to complete irrationality or a desire to believe in something that is inexplicable, and potentially even devote themselves to that.

Carnahan: If you deny it, it’s only because the particular way that you choose to worship won’t allow it. 

Boucher: I’ve accepted my fate. But then there’s the fact that I play dance parties and exist totally on the Internet. [Laughs]


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