Pop Culture
Oct 28, 2008, 09:14AM

Exit Strategy

The odds are not looking good for the McCain-Palin ticket. If they do not win in a week, what next? For Palin, there are a lot of options.

From politicking hockey mom to bloviating hockey mom:

"Any television person who sees the numbers when she appears on anything would say Sarah Palin would be great," said veteran morning-show producer Steve Friedman, citing the double-digit ratings gains her appearances on "Saturday Night Live" and "CBS Evening News" generated. "The passion she has on each side, love and hate, makes television people say, 'Wow, imagine the viewership.' "

Although none of the execs has -- at least as far as anyone is admitting -- made direct overtures to the Alaska governor, they are readying their battle plans if she decides to give up her day job.


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