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Jan 07, 2013, 06:00AM

Did Your Sperm Dry Up?

A 2008 Village Voice interview with Free Kitten/Pussy Galore guitarist Julia Cafritz vs. a 2005 Atlantic interview with novelist Zadie Smith.

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Zadie Smith: There's a wonderful sketch of a mother, leaning down to comfort a child who has been fighting a dog or something similar, and it was clearly done at the moment.

Julia Cafritz: I want to read about class warfare and pillowbiters, not guys on broomsticks.

Smith: They'll tell you about their mother's underwear.

Cafritz: If they claim to, they're liars.

Smith: The way I've learned to deal with it is by realizing that's what I get paid for.

Cafritz: Did your sperm dry up?

Smith: Absolutely.

Cafritz: I'm surprised and a bit disappointed. I'm a little bummed out.

Smith: Yeah, yeah, I'm just having a cigarette. I'm still with you. Go on.

Cafritz: I started to fool around with the guitar.

Smith: I would love to be an academic.

Cafritz: Teaching fulfills a lot of performance desire.

Smith: Do you think?

Cafritz: I don't know how to account for it.

Smith: A bitch slap.

Cafritz: Sippie cups. What I would have wanted is I go and sit down at a restaurant and you get a mallet and bang the brains out of monkeys.

Smith: That's sort of what I wanted to write about.


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