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Jun 17, 2011, 06:56AM

Bon Appetit

A What We Do Is Secret interview with Cro Mags frontman John Joseph vs. a Delish.com interview with celebrity chef Rocco Dispirito.

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John Joseph: So I got this beat up girl’s Panasonic.

Rocco Dispirito: It used to be that wine stores were minefields.

Joseph: I just gotta keep doing therapy and acupuncture.

Dispirito: The bedroom. Not worrying about what is on my BlackBerry.

Joseph: Vegan fish to fry.

Dispirito: It takes eight minutes to cook and gets nicely burned.

Joseph: My kidney? My pancreas?

Dispirito: Pepper in a mill makes a big difference.

Joseph: I’m not John Joseph the hardcore singer.

Dispirito: Practice some guitar, which I barely get to do.

Joseph:  I don’t ingest any animals that have been fucking tortured.

Dispirito: It’s not about that but about connecting with others; ultimately the table is about the energy and people you’re with and not the food.

Joseph: I keep my consciousness as healthy and pure as I can, but I’m not consumed with it like some of these raw foodists and vegans who are just like “food, food, food.”

Dispirito: In general people are really nervous about entertaining and about being judged.

Joseph: The title Meat is for Pussies is not judging anyone, but what it’s saying is if you continue to eat these foods, these poisonous foods, that's what’s going to turn you into a pussy dependent on these fucking pharmaceutical companies to keep you alive.

Dispirito: What happens to a chef is you spend all your time and money making your restaurants your home.

Joseph: I just try to keep it real.

Dispirito: Sterling silver has the best heat-conducting productivity.

Joseph:  Yeah, but they don’t give a fuck.


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