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Apr 08, 2011, 07:31AM

Balls Out

A 2010 Plague Haus interview with Houston-based noise artist Richard Ramirez vs. a 2011 Complex interview with irrepressible rapper Lil B.

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Forkus Jackson

Richard Ramirez: I know some hate that I do this, but I love it.

Lil B: He hit me up on Twitter.

Ramirez: Soon after, Black Leather Jesus came.

Lil B: It was great.

Ramirez: Being gay, I decided to use men. I got a lot of negative responses in the beginning.

Lil B: He's a good businessman and I'm really working on my entrepreneurship.

Ramirez: I’ve lost a lot of masters throughout the years.

Lil B: I was just joking around about fucking Kanye in the ass.

Ramirez: Vintage radios, turntables, sheet metal, pipes, chains, meathook, field recordings.

Lil B: Cross him over a couple times and make him feel like a son.

Ramirez: That is something that my boyfriend and I are into.

Lil B: More about my business and my work ethic and how hard I go and how active I am with my support base and what I'm doing without his help or a major label or anybody.

Ramirez: Some even like it.

Lil B: Hmm.

Ramirez: It’s a matter of opinion. I don’t give a shit, though.

Lil B: He knows I’m very controversial like him.

Richard Ramirez: It was artists like Nurse With Wound, NON, Merzbow, and The Haters that initially got my attention.

Lil B: He looks like somebody that's gonna hate you. I've seen a couple snapshots of him. He just looks like a hater, bro. You know it’s all love over here.

Ramirez: I love our community of artists.

Lil B: Am I gonna fuck Kevin Durant’s bitch?

Ramirez: That does not interest me at all.


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