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Feb 18, 2015, 09:59AM

Balance Is the Goal

A 2011 Interview magazine interview with the late author David Carr vs. a 1999 Piero Scaruffi interview with musician David Pajo.

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David Pajo: There's always this tug of war happening between subtlety and directness, deliberation and passivity.

David Carr: That’s not what’s reflected in my inbox.

Pajo: Balance is the goal.

Carr: Well, it ended in handcuffs, so it didn’t go great.


Pajo: Drums. A little piano. I'm going for invisibility, what's considered nothing, that's deeper space.

Carr: Of course, that’s what you don’t have a lot of in the blogosphere.

Pajo: Very little. I was trying to play as quietly as possible (so as not to wake the neighbors) with my amp turned all the way up.

Carr: Then people will come up like crows off the telephone wire and attack, and I guess they should. Why would you?

Pajo: Because it implies that there are some things that are not spiritual.


Carr: Yeah, sure. But that’s just a little keyhole into this great big kingdom that is full of human foibles, and, I’m sure, tendentious in its own way.

Pajo: I think it's beneficial to practice blindfolded, to know your instrument, to feel the notes behind the senses.

Carr: No, I never have. Seems shortsighted. You know what?

Pajo: That's a very good question and one I ask myself sometimes.

Carr: Give it some thought and give me a call back.


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