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Jul 24, 2008, 11:22AM

American Apparel: Now Selling "Accessories"

Because apparently the sexpots running everyone's favorite hipster clothing production emporium are not content with bombarding just their clothing with sexual innuendo death rays, we now have an official American Apparel endorsed "massager." Buy one for your friends! Goes great with their new dollar store Halloween costume jewlery.

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Okay, I was kind of skeptical when American Apparel started selling sharpies and notepads and fabric dye and soap and toothpaste but those products now pale in comparison in wtfness with the addition of: the ugliest jewellery I've ever seen in my life oh my god kill it with fire.


Are they mocking us? Has American Apparel become the new Baby Phat? Will my $40 gold-plated chain match my lamé leggings?


magic wand "massager"

  • omg YES, american apparel. YES!!!! when i first learned about american i was like WTF...who pays this much for a tee-shirt?! but now...i'm completely + totally obsessed. i actually love the sexual innuendo's they put in their adverts. and of COURSE they know what the "massager" is. i mean, it was on sex and the city for crying out loud. you may want to shoot me, but i also love the gold jewelry. it's sooo tacky, like pawnshop gold, and that's the point. besides, everybody in NYC dresses like that now...so they're good at trendspotting, obvi.

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