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Sep 09, 2013, 09:37AM

A Sense of Relief Falls on Me

A 2002 Deathmetal.org interview with metal guitarist Cory Allen vs. a 2013 Interview magazine interview with fashion model manager Faith Kates.

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Cory Allen: You know, prime time television shows, game shows, reality shows, family movies, blockbusters, etc.

Faith Kates: So somebody had to do something different.

Allen: Having photophores that cause light to emanate from your body using bioluminescence would be amazingly amusing.

Kates: To me that's interesting. We would laugh.

Allen: Metaphorically speaking, your mind is like a parachute.

Kates: The money started changing.

Allen: Slightly, and by that I mean everything has an effect on everything.

Kates: He'd say, "Call me back in five minutes." So we'd call back, and he would say, "Not today."

Allen: Hopefully this method is at play but one can never be absolutely sure.

Kates: Guys weren't looking at Vogue—guys were looking at Victoria's Secret, because it came in the mail.

Allen: When they don't thumb, they don't think. I think pornography is humorous.

Kates: I just saw a photograph and thought she was very pretty.

Allen: A sense of relief falls upon me to discover that the perceiver asks for further information on questions that have what could be seen as contradictorily answers. I will attempt an explanation using metaphor with promises that my answer remains coherent.

Kates: We were like, "We can buy you a new switchblade when you get off the plane."

Allen: Once it’s forged all you have to do is apply it and it's there in perfect relief.

Kates: I didn't have a plan.

Allen: Unfortunately I do.


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